Cigar lingo:

The head: This is the rounded end that goes in your mouth.  

The foot: This is the flat, open side that you light.

The wrapper: This is the outside layer of tobacco that gives the cigar one of its primary flavor components. Wrappers are usually very high quality leaves, available in colors ranging from Double Claro, which is the lightest) to Oscuro, which is the darkest.  

The binder: This is the intermediate leaf used to hold the filler tobacco together.  

The filler:  This is the inside tobacco that forms the center of the cigar. Filler typically determine how strong a cigar smokes.  

The blending: The blending of wrapper, binder and filler that is what determines the overall flavor of the cigar.

Ring gauge:Cigars are measured two ways: the length, which is always in inches, and the ring gauge.  The ring gauge is the diameter of the cigar based upon 1/60th of an inch increments. 

How to Pick the Right Cigar:

The body: Decide if you are looking for a mild, medium or full-bodied cigar. 

The size:If it’s a short experience, then you want to look for a Toro-size cigar. If it’s longer, then you may want to try a Churchill. 

The flavor:  Determine what flavor profiles you would like to experience: sweet, smoky, spicy, chocolaty, leathery, peppery, woody, earthy, nutty, creamy, etc.

The price:If this is your first time smoking a cigar, stay away from the higher-priced cigars since, at this point, you won’t be able to truly savor the distinguishing elements of an expensive cigar. There are plenty of inexpensive cigars that hold top ratings from major cigar publications.

The rating:  Most cigar publications rate cigars. Those with good scores are typically posted. 

The construction: This will determine how smooth and even the draw is when you smoke it.  You can test the construction of a cigar by rolling it between the thumb and index finger of your hand. You want the cigar to have a nice even consistency and fill. With a well-constructed cigar, the ash will maintain the shape of the cigar as it is smoked.