Gurkha Cigars has completed the line of Cellar Reserves with the new release of the Cellar Reserve Platinum cigar. With each of these releases, the Cellar Reserve family of cigars has been one success story after another. 

“When developing the new Cellar Reserve Platinum, our idea was to provide a rich and complex smoking experience for the consumer,” said Juan Lopez, National Sales Director and in-house blender. “Due to the enormous success we’ve had with the Cellar Reserve lines made in the Dominican Republic, we felt that it only makes sense to expand the flavor profile by adding aged Nicaraguan tobaccos.”

The Cellar Reserve Platinum is a blend of 12-year-old tobaccos in the filler and is the first of the Cellar Reserve cigars to use Nicaraguan tobacco. It was just released this summer at the IPCPR trade show in New Orleans to rave reviews and ships to retailers this month! 

It comes in three sizes: Hedonism (6 x 58), Kraken (6 x 60) and Solara (5 x 58) and retails for $7.99 to $9.99 per stick or $200 for a box of 20 cigars.

The history of the Cellar Reserve family begins in 2007 with the release of the original Cellar Reserve cigar. It grew with so much success that Gurkha’s founder and CEO KaizadHansotia decided to expand the line.

“When we were introducing our ‘brick and mortar’ brands, we wanted something that was going to stand out in the marketplace,” said Hansotia. “We created the original Cellar Reserve to be an all Dominican cigar. It sold incredibly well, so we made a second cigar that we launched in 2012. We called it the Cellar Reserve Limitada and it features aMaduro wrapper. In 2014, we modified the cigar again and introduced the Cellar Reserve Edicion Especial. That cigar is made with 18-year aged tobacco and a Corojo wrapper. Finally this year, we decided to bring the blend to Nicaragua and created our first 12-year aged Cellar Reserve from that country and launched the Cellar Reserve Platinum! The entire family of Cellar Reserves are tapered with a pigtail at the cap that has become a signature of the brand.”

Despite the Cellar Reserve cigars being in one family, each has a different flavor profile. The vintage Gurkha Cellar Reserve uses the finest quality 15-year-old aged tobacco,an oily Criollo 1998 wrapperand 15-year old Dominican filler. It’s rated a 97 and named Top 10 Cigar of the Year.

The Gurkha Cellar Reserve Limitada is a rich and robust cigar using the finest quality 15-year aged tobacco with a Brazilian ArapiracaMaduro wrapper. It has a 90 rating. 

And the Gurkha Cellar Reserve Edicion Especial has a Corojo wrapper and 18-year aged tobacco. It rated a 93.

Gurkha produces eight million cigars per year that are sold in more than 28 countries worldwide.  They have an impressive array 48 brands of flawlessly handcrafted, premium cigars in a variety of strengths, tasting profiles, and price-points. No matter what your taste, there's a Gurkha cigar that's perfect for your palate. And each Gurkha brand has its own artistically created packaging further separating that brand from any other.

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