Gurkha Cigars, known for sellingthe finest, most expensive cigars in the world, has another side to its success. 

Gurkha’s East India Trading Company line went from zero to more than $1.5 million in sales in less than three years. The secret? “They’re inexpensive, but excellent quality blends,” said Juan Lopez, National Sales Manager.

KaizadHansotia, founder and CEO of Gurkha, has owned the East India Trading Company name for a while, but it wasn’t until he and Lopez got together to create new cigar blends that the magic started to happen.  

The first cigar launched under this newly trademarked brand was the Wicked Indie. This all Nicaraguan puro is comprised of an oily Habano Nicaraguan wrapper, a carefully selected Nicaraguan binder combined with rare three-year aged Nicaraguan fillers and encompasses a rich and complex taste profile. The Wicked Indie is full of sweet spice and nuttiness that evolves to a long and cool finish. It sells for $5 - $6 a cigar.

The second cigar launched was the Red Witch. Named after a famous trading ship from the 1800s, this is a medium- to full-bodied cigar featuring a silky Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper paired with a selected Dominican binder and three-year aged filler from the mountainous region of Jalapa, Nicaragua. This attractive box-pressed cigar offers tasting notes of spice, earth, and sweet delicate undertones with a long and smooth finish. It retails for $6 - $7 a cigar.

Following on the success of the Red Witch, Gurkha launched the Rogue cigar. Using a carefully selected blend of tobaccos, Rogue is a bold, box-pressed cigar with a crafted unfinished foot. The blend features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, combining a rare Ecuadorian binder with a specially chosen blend of three-year aged Ligero's from Nicaragua, Honduras and Dominican Republic. This full-flavored cigar has complex tasting notes of spice, rich tobacco and roasted chestnuts. It sells for $7 - $9 a stick.

After three successes in a row, Gurkha then went all out and created what they have called The Classic Cigar: Havana Blend. Under the auspices of Lopez and Hansotia, they created the perfect combination of a proprietary binder and filler with 20 different tweakings of the blend until they “got itjust right,” said Lopez. It has a San Andres wrapper, is box-pressed, medium bodied and full flavored with earthy, nutty undertones made in Nicaragua. It retails for $5.99 - $9.99, depending upon the size.

"After a few years of searching for the right wrapper and combination of tobaccos, we created this beautiful Nicaraguan masterpiece. It’s a cigar worthy of its name: The Classic Cigar: Havana blend,” said Hansotia. “We are very proud of our East India Trading Company brand and equally thrilled at the reception its received from the cigar community.”

Each of these cigars are also sold in beautifully packaged boxes of 20 and a perfect gift for the cigar aficionado in your life.

Steeped in legend and rich in history, Gurkha Cigars were named after Nepalese warriors whose bravery impressed the British soldiers. The company was purchased by Hansotia in 1989 with the intention of giving the cigars as unique gifts to customers of his family’s watch business. As a result, the company has been reborn and become one of the most famous brands of luxury cigars in the world. Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and an assortment of global dignitaries, world leaders, government officials and celebrities as well as the Special Forces and Seal Team Six are all clients. Having extraordinary quality, premium blends of tobacco and a reputation for unparalleled excellence, Gurkha now offers 48 distinct brands of cigars. The Gurkha Cigar Group Inc. is located at 6600 Hiatus Road, Tamarac, FL 33321. For information, visit

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Monday, 17 February 2020
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