Gurkha:The Rolls Royce of Cigars

When it comes to super premium luxury brands and prestigious companies, names like Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessey, Patek Philippe, Chanel and Rolls Royce get bandied about, but when the conversation turns to cigars, there’s only one name spoken. Gurkha! 

Gurkha is known as the finest and most expensive cigar maker in the world. Housed in a beautifully appointed facility nestled in a corner of the Southeastern United States known as South Florida, Gurkha Cigars are sought after by the world’s most elite. They’re coveted by collectors and bona fide cigar aficionados. It was among this exclusive audience that Gurkha became known as the Rolls Royce of cigars. Some of Gurkha’s renowned fans include Bill Clinton, Middle East royalty and Hollywood’s A-list actors. Gurkhas were given out by Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey at the birth of their children. Sylvester Stallone and Harrison Ford smoke Gurkha’s and many of the wealthiest families in China and Russia hand out Gurkha Cigars at  weddings, which is considered to be one of the among the highest honors a company can receive. 

Up until most recently, Gurkha’s original super premium luxury cigar was the ‘His Majesty’s Reserve.’ The HMR is a rare and special cigar; famous for not only its taste, but for being the world’s most expensive cigar.  It’s a blend of a 15-year Connecticut Maduro wrapper with 12-year-old Dominican binder and filler that’s aged with one bottle of the world’s finest cognac: Remy Martin’s Louis XIII that retails for $2,400 a bottle! This cognac, which was originally sold only to dignitaries the world over, but now, through Gurkha, it’s available to you. Only 75 boxes are made any given year, adding to its exclusivity; along with its $25,000 a box price tag. But, according to CEO and Founder Kaizad Hansotia, “The amazing aroma as well as the taste of our ‘His Majesty’s Reserve’ is so unique, it’s something that you will never forget.”

Not satisfied having just one of the world’s most exclusive super premium cigars, Hansotia, once again called upon his unparalleled genius and cigar industry savvy to bring the ‘Maharaja’ to fruition. The ‘Mahajara’ isnot an infused cigar, but rather a secret blend of the best quality tobaccos available. The beautiful maduro wrapper pairs Dominican binder and fillers to create a smooth and sweet taste on the lips. The Gurkha ‘Maharaja’ is medium bodied and, of course, one-of-a-kind as is its price tag reveals. It retails for $2,000 a stick and Gurkha once again retains the title for being the finest and most expensive cigar maker in the world.  

“The limited edition ‘Maharaja’ has set a new precedent for premium tobacco,” said Hansotia. “We’re excited to be able to pair these rare leaves in such a magnificent and flavorful way. It’s been a while since we first released the ‘His Majesty’s Reserve’ in 1996 and we think this cigar will set a new standard for an exclusively luxurious smoke to become the ‘king’ of all cigars. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished with the ‘Maharaja.’”  

As with all luxury premium Gurkha Cigars, the ‘Maharaja’ will be available only in small quantities – boxes of 10 cigars - and in limited release - only 100 boxes will be sold. Also, in keeping with the Gurkha tradition of presenting cigars in unique, award-winning artistic packaging, the ‘Maharaja’ will be presented in an exquisite wooden humidor. 

If you are starting to feel like this is a luxury item that you have missed in life, worry not.  If you want to join the ranks of the rich and famous like Donald Trump, Gurkha will make you a custom blended cigar exclusively for you that is specifically designed to your taste preference and only you will be able to order that blend of cigar. Now that is the ultimate in luxury!

Steeped in legend and rich in history, Gurkha Cigars were named after Nepalese warriors whose bravery impressed the British soldiers. The company was purchased by Hansotia in 1989 with the intention of giving the cigars as unique gifts to customers of his family’s watch business. As a result, the company has been reborn and become one of the most famous brands of luxury cigars in the world. In addition to the world leaders, global dignitaries, royalty, and celebrities, the United States Special Forces and SEAL Teams are all clients. Having extraordinary quality, premium blends of tobacco and a reputation for unparalleled excellence, Gurkha now offers 48 distinct brands of cigars. The Gurkha Cigar Group Inc. is located at 6600 Hiatus Road, Tamarac, FL 33321. For information, visit




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Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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