This year ‘vintage’ is hip for weddings and grooms are wanting a greater say in designing their event. Earthy, natural and Boho chic are big themes with cigars for the groom and his friends playing a major role. Cigar Bars are the latest trend at wedding receptions with authentic Cigar Rollers creating custom cigars for every guest. 

For centuries, cigars have been a part of our most important celebrations. Giving cigars is like putting a stamp on our milestones; making an imprint for our most significant moments. And which of life’s great moments could be more significant than the joining of two souls in holy matrimony? 

“Weddings are momentous events,” said wedding planner Maggie Rodriguez, owner of Inspired Events. “Years go into planning for the big day. Why not mark the occasion by not only giving out cigars, but sharing the entire cigar smoking experience with your favorite people on earth in a Cigar Bar at your reception? Additionally, having an authentic Cigar Roller in the Cigar Bar really creates a lasting memory. Not only does he regale your guests with details on the fine art of ‘cigarmanship,’ but each guest leaves with a hand-rolled cigar to relive your special occasion and enjoy it again at a later date.”

“Cigars are the perfect choice for celebrating special occasions, especially your wedding, because cigars are meant to be savored,” said KaizadHansotia, Founder and CEO of Gurkha Cigars. “They’re meant to be experienced. To be enjoyed with family and friends. And because they’re made to be enjoyed in our leisure, they’re perfect for creating memories. Smoking a cigar is a sensory exploration just like tasting a fine wine or aged spirit.It’s all about the experience and Gurkha cigars known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of cigars are the very essence of that experiential indulgence.”

So after you've said your 'I do's,' it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy a celebratory cigar with your guests! “A well-designed Cigar Bar can transport you and your guests to an exotic locale or a bygone era,” said Rodriguez. “The Cigar Bar theme melds perfectly with the ‘vintage’ trend we’re seeing in the wedding planning industry. What’s old is new again. Burlap and lace, leather and pearls. Add the authenticity of an experienced Cigar Roller while servers in themed attire cut and light your guests' cigars and you’ve created not only an engaging experience, but a once-in-a-lifetime memory.” 

Further adding to the momentousnessof a Cigar Bar and Roller is that through Gurkha Cigars, the bride and groom can custom blend their own cigar. “Gurkha has a private blending room where special guests are able to create their own cigar,” said Hansotia. “We are also able to custom design a cigar band that is imprinted with the couple’s name and wedding date. So the final product that is given to their guests is a proprietary blend of tobacco surrounded by a custom wrapper and binder. They can even choose the ring gauge and length of cigar. Then, months later, when your family and friends are enjoying their perfectly rolled, custom-blended wedding cigar, they'll also be reflecting on the joy of your union.”

Here are a few tips on how to create an amazing Cigar Bar.

• Choose Your Space Carefully. Check with your reception venue for the best place to set up a cigar bar where those who want to partake can enjoy smoking while not bothering non-smokers.

• Build Your Bar. Decorate the space with an elegant table that matches the wedding decor and a sign that reads “cigar bar.” Have humidors on hand to keep the cigars fresh. (While the Cigar Roller will hand each guest a fresh cigar, those cigars are too fresh and best smoked at a later date.) Have a server on hand to cut and light the cigars as well as have cigar cutters and lighters on the table so guests may use as they like. Have plenty of ashtrays available. Keep a few candy dishes around filled with mints for smokers to enjoy after their cigar. 

• Select Your Cigars: Choose an assortment of cigars in varying sizes and flavor profiles.

• Hire a Professional Cigar Roller and/or Cigar Master: An authentic Cigar Roller adds to the uniqueness of the event and Cigar Masters can educate your guests about the cigars they're smoking, how to cut, toast and properly light cigars. 

• Have a Bar Open with Alcohol to Pair with their Cigars. Consider cognac, single malt scotch, bourbon, rum, rye or port.

Inspired Events is the leader in the all-inclusive wedding planning & catering market in South Florida. They specialize in affordable luxury. For more information, visit 

Gurkha Cigars was purchased in 1989 by Hansotiaand soon became one of the most famous brands of luxury cigars in the world. Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and an assortment of global dignitaries, world leaders, government officials and celebrities as well as the Special Forces and Seal Team Six are all clients. Having extraordinary quality, premium blends of tobacco and a reputation for unparalleled excellence, Gurkha now offers 48 distinct brands of cigars.It produces five million cigars per year that are sold in more than 25 countries worldwide. Many of their cigars are rated 90 and above, including the Cellar Reserve with a 97 rating and the 125th Anniversary cigar ranked at 96. It’s no wonder Gurkha has found its way into the ultimate institution of celebrations – the wedding. 

The International Headquarters of Gurkha Cigar Group Inc. is located at 6600 Hiatus Road, Tamarac, FL 33321. For information, visit To purchase Gurkha Cigars, visit your local tobacconist or you can log on to 


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Tuesday, 25 February 2020
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