Cigar smoking is more popular than ever and it’s not only men who are indulging. More and more women have taken up the “leaf” and an overwhelming percent of them say their cigar smoking has increased in the past year. Cigars are also a hot news topic worldwide and trending all over social media given the talk of ease of trade between the U.S. and Cuba. There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of cigars and dozens of variables that go into making each one unique. But for the discerning cigar aficionado, the following five are the highest ranked cigars in the world. They are a must-have for the serious collector.

#1 Gurkha ‘His Majesty’s Reserve’

The world’s most expensive cigar is the Gurkha “His Majesty’s Reserve.” The Gurkha HMR is a rare and special cigar, famous for its distinctive taste. It’s a blend of 15-year-aged Connecticut Maduro wrapper with 12-year-old Dominican binder and filler that’s aged with one full shot of the world’s finest cognac - Louis XIII. Only 75 boxes are made annually, increasing its demand. The amazing aroma as well as the taste of the cigar will be something that you will never forget. It retails for $1,500 per stick or $30,000 for a box of 20.

#2 Davidoff Special Double R

The Special Double R from Davidoff is an extravagant cigarthat was created to capture life’s magnificent moments that require relish and pleasure. It was created from four different tobacco harvests that fluidly blendsand harmoniously balances leather and pepper notes. It is a Connecticut Double Corona that lends itself toward the full-bodied range and a well-rounded character. It retails for $726 for a box of 25 cigars.

#3 Bolivar Libertador

The Bolivar Libertador is big cigar. The ring gauge is a thick 54 with a length of 6.4 inches. Its intriguing with a lovely dense brown finish to the wrapper leaf. It has the same bold profile of Bolivar’s flavors and aroma. It’s still a bit young and needs some aging, but it’s available in limited in quantities so get them while you can. It retails for $164 for 10 cigars.

#4 Gurkha’s East India Classic Cigar: Havana Blend

Gurkha’s East India line has a Classic Cigar: Havana Blend that took years of searching for the right wrapper and combination of tobaccos to create this beautiful Nicaraguan masterpiece. It then took 20 “tweakings” of the proprietary blend until they got it right! It has a San Andres Wrapper, is boxpressed with a medium body and full flavor that includes earthy, nutty undertones. It retails for $8 a stick or $160 a box.

#5 La Flor Dominicana Air Bender

The La Flor Dominicana Air Bender lives up to its reputation for power and being full flavored. It’s from a blend of Litto Gomez’s homegrown Dominican filler and binder tobaccos that include some piloto Cubano, Sumatra seed and Corojo. The smoke is finished with a gorgeous Habano-seed wrapper leaf grown in Ecuador. It is asmooth and flavorful cigar with lots of body. It provides a unique smoking experience and retails for $8 a stick or $162 for a box of 20. 





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Monday, 17 February 2020
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