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The new face of the brand “Armand Assante”

Gurkha Cigars is proud to announce the addition of highly acclaimed actor Armand Assante to our team. Mr. Assante will appear in various Gurkha ads including magazines and websites and will attend select Gurkha Cigars events. Boasting several of the most highly rated premium cigars on the market today, the Gurkha Cigar brand has enjoyed a spectacular rise since launching in 1989.

Uniquely appealing to enthusiasts of all kinds, the Gurkha cigars are popular amongst big spenders, spending all the way up to $15,000 for a box of 20 of the most expensive cigars in the world, the His Majesty Reserve, to affordable favorites such as the Red Rothchild priced under $10.

Coming on as the face of the brand for our new advertising campaign is cigar aficionado and Emmy-winning and four-time Golden Globe-nominated actor Armand Assante. Kicking off the upcoming summer and golf season, Assante’s ad will appear in Smoke Magazine, Mob Candy Magazine and more found on newsstands nationwide.

Last modified on April 15, 2015
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Gurkha Cigars

Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha cigars, created more than a century ago has been reborn and today is one of the most famous brands of luxury cigars in the world. Having extraordinary quality and premium blends of tobacco, Gurkha is known for limited release and rare tobacco products with outstanding and artistically-oriented packaging.

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