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Affordable Second Release of Ghurka Black Dragon Features New Shapes, Packaging In 2006 Beach Cigar Group introduced Gurkha Black Dragon super premium cigars for a retail price of $1,100 per cigar, presented in 75-year old antique camel bone chests hand carved and distressed by East Indian artisans.

Now, the company is now re-releasing Gurkha Black Dragon at a more affordable $10 to $13 per cigar. The new Black Dragons come in three shapes: robusto (4 1/2 x 52), torpedo (6 1/2 x 53), and Presidente (8 1/2 x 52). The robusto is available in a 40 count box for $400, torpedo in a 20 count box for $240, and Presidente comes 20 to a box for $260. Like the earlier Black Dragon, this new version is comprised of aged Cameroon wrapper, Dominican binder, and a combination of Nicaraguan and Peruvian filler. Striking black velour packaging with red interior continues to position this line as a premium product.


Last modified on April 15, 2015
Gurkha Cigars

Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha cigars, created more than a century ago has been reborn and today is one of the most famous brands of luxury cigars in the world. Having extraordinary quality and premium blends of tobacco, Gurkha is known for limited release and rare tobacco products with outstanding and artistically-oriented packaging.

Website: www.gurkhacigars.com

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