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Luxist “Gurkha Legend Cigars”

Beach Cigar Group, known for its ultra-exclusive Gurkha superpremium cigars, has found that their new Gurkha Legend cigars are going fast. The cigars come in two shapes and blends, the Gurkha Legend Beast which measures 6.5″ x 58, and the Gurkha Legend Titan which is a 6.25″ x 53 cigar.

They both use aged tobaccos including a Costa Rican wrapper from 1996, a five-year old Nicaraguan binder, and a filler of five-year old Honduran, Dominican, and Colombian tobaccos. The Titan uses more ligero tobacco in the filler. Ligero tobacco comes from the top of the plant and is darker and more flavorful. The Beast sells for $700 for a box of 35 and three are only 50 boxes left.  The Titan retails for $750 per box of 31 and debuted at the RTDA show this summer. They had 1,000 boxes but are already down under 200.


Last modified on April 15, 2015
Gurkha Cigars

Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha cigars, created more than a century ago has been reborn and today is one of the most famous brands of luxury cigars in the world. Having extraordinary quality and premium blends of tobacco, Gurkha is known for limited release and rare tobacco products with outstanding and artistically-oriented packaging.

Website: www.gurkhacigars.com

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